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Poker is a card game which involves gambling, strategy, and skill. To increase the fun and excitement players bet money to motivate themselves in winning. One of the famous poker games online is the domino qiu qiu played by many people throughout the world and could be betted on with real money just like in a casino set up.

Can you do a poker face? This means there should be no emotion seen on your facial expression; else your opponent will have a hint if your card is strong or losing. You must as well know how to bluff to win.

How many women do you know who play poker? Quite frankly, I know only a few women who play poker and are good at it. Statistics show that there are more male poker players compared to women players. There are only about 10% of women who really play the game.

Ever wondered why? Historically speaking, poker is a men’s game but this game had become open to women as time evolved. But still, there are a few women players. Let’s look at the reasons why.

Why are there fewer women players in the game of Poker (an honest opinion)?

  1. Women are easily distracted. Poker is a game which needs focus for you to win. You should know how to read other people’s cards and learn how to come up with a strategy to make them fold their cards. Now, if you are easily distracted then your chance of winning will disappear.
  2. Women are not good liars. Most women don’t want to be lied to and don’t want to lie to others. For them, honesty is the best policy. Well, this belief does not work in playing poker. You must know how to hide your emotions so your opponents couldn’t read the cards you are holding. It is the way how you control the game.
  3. Women love to chat. In playing poker, chatting with other players is not really a thing. For experts, having a conversation with others is only a distraction and a waste of energy when playing. Remember that this is a serious card game and not a talk show.

Regardless of the gender, male or female, poker is open to every one of legal age. Poker could be a great game that can win you thousands of box and can lose you the same if it’s not your lucky day. Next time you make your next bet, gauge if you are stars are on the winning side. If not, don’t lose all that cash, there’s always a next time.

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