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Poker had widely been accepted as a mind sport. Along with other poker games like main qq, poker ambassadors around the world are talking about how Poker can change the world. With the new AI that had been tested to defeat the best poker minds in the industry, they are looking forward that the same AI technology can provide answers to a world full questions.

Liv Boeree speaks at Oxford Union about Poker

March 8 is International Women’s Day and in line with this event, we feature Liv Boeree, a television speaker having a good record in astrophysics. Liv Boeree is likewise among the most triumphant poker players in history. With overall tournament profits of over 2.9M. She brings together all very reputable well-known poker people worldwide as an ambassadress of PokerStars.

In 2015, she had been graded as the Best female player in record according to the Global Poker Index. Boeree not long ago co-founded “Raising for Effective Giving,” a group that promotes poker players to contribute a minimum of 2% of their earnings to dependable nonprofit organizations.

The Oxford Union – the most esteemed debating community in the world, having an unequaled status for delivering global guests and renowned speakers of all time to Oxford. The Union continues to be endorsing discussion and debate not only in Oxford University but also around the world.

Poker, A Male-Dominated World?

Liv Boeree has proven time and again that poker is not just a game created for men. There are female players who are as good as male players. And believe it or not, Liv has even outwitted male players in not just one occasion. In the recent World Economic Forum of 2017, International Gender Gap Review results tell us one thing – gender parity is more than 200 far from now. Today, more than ever, women are motivated to encourage other women to press for progress.

Liv Boeree explains it’s a shame that not too many views Poker in a positive light but rather seen in the same category as gambling in general. Poker has more benefits intellectually than anyone could have imagined.

Poker in the light of Progress

Libratus, the first and only poker playing AI had been developed, designed to calculate problems and formulate solutions based on mathematical algorithms can make a change. Not only in the face of a world filled with questions. It is a challenge that calls not only for the cooperation of not only the male but also the female species of the world.