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Women traveling solo or with a friend, whether in their local region or an accommodation on Norfolk Island, find it as a form of stress release and can be beneficial to many aspects of their being. This is one reason why women take a break from their busy lifestyle and leave their homes to travel somewhere exciting, fun, and relaxing at the same time.

As we all know, traveling, whether locally or around the globe, requires a certain budget. Let’s face it, we often tend to worry about financial resources when traveling. No money means no travel.


You don’t need to get a traveler’s check or worry about carrying hundreds or thousands of dollars with you to exchange, use the ATM. Most major airports and cities have ATMs where you could withdraw your money from. Yes, there would be a minimal withdrawal fee but it’s better than carrying a huge amount.

Always take proper precautions when withdrawing cash from ATMs just like how you do it at home. Be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. Check the ATM for irregularities. It’s best to avoid ATMs where its location is a bit off. Cover as you punch in your pin and don’t forget to get your card.

If you do have the cash to exchange, you’ll have to decide whether to exchange at once or wait and look for a better place with a good exchange rate. Airports and hotels don’t usually have good rates. In times of need, only exchange a hundred or less to pay for your transportation and meals before heading out in the city to look for a currency exchange office with good rates.

To stretch your money, there are things you’d need to pay in cash and there are those that you can use your credit card. As much as possible, use your credit card to pay so you can save your money in cash-only situations. So make sure to plan and book your all accommodations in advance using your credit card.

Here are some cash-only situations

  • Transportation
  • The local market
  • Tips
  • For most food establishments and bars

In cases of utter emergencies, Western Union is the best place for your family or friends to send you money.

All things considered, go out and have fun. You’ve prearranged your travel and have also created a budget for it, spend it but do it wisely.