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I remember my mom making clothes with her haaknaalden set when I was a kid. She would spend days, hours, and weeks. I thought she did it because it was also to show us just how much she loved us and also her hobby. I never knew how much money she saved by making our clothing. I do things a bit different mother but although I make clothes for my family. I really don’t like to spend plenty of time like my mother did on sewing. To help me cut down on time and assist me with coming up with patterns and ideas I use tools that my mom never had. Some things i’ve seen on e-books that helps clothing are designed by me.

You can follow the step as soon as you select your design. Do not forget that not all e-books have exactly the exact things. Some are easy and simple to use others are little to use. There’s there are a few ways if you don’t need to use an e-book.

Ways to create your own clothes.

  • Use the clothing that is old.
  • Use different kinds of materials such as felt, velcro, cotton.
  • Add design to your clothes by adding sequins, lace, and other materials to pop up your clothing.
  • Another method is to go to a sewing shop and look through pattern books before you find what you want then purchase your design and material at the shop.
There are a lot of ways to show your creativity. Take a look at these hacks: