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The security of Women is a significant issue in the current day. With the growth in sexual abuse, domestic violence, and violence against women – it is now a requirement to train themselves with diverse methods and methodologies.

Self Defense Methods that are recommended

[The Elbow Knead] – This specific technique is tried and tested. And the results have been successful. A person tries to catch you from behind or if feel someone is following you, without spending instant, push your elbow backward in force. It provides you ample of time to choose another course of action and can cause severe pain.

[Headbutt] – The human skull is really solid and robust. headbutting can be painful for both of you and the intruder. How to do it? Just position yourself, use your weight to gain more force and aim the target at the weakest point which is the nose.

[Pelvic kick] – A rectal kick is really a superb natural technique you may utilize to make a life of pain and sometimes possibly damage. If you chance to be at a combat situation, where the attacker attempts to push himself, gather all of your time and pull back yourself, and then at one single activity, then fold your leg and then apply the knee to kick directly into the pelvic region of the attacker.

Sometimes these technique not applicable all the time so It will be safe to keep handy weapons like pepper-spray which super effective in all situations.

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