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Majority of men like a style that’s simple and affordable. This style works for any guy of practically any age. Men have a lot of styles to choose from but this style absolutely works for anyone no matter what type of activity you want to do – play overwatch aimbot, go out of dinner, or simply hang out with friends in star bucks.

The Basics of Dressing up in Style that’s Simple yet acceptable

1. Muted colors go a long way. Stick to colors that go along way. This means choosing white, gray, faded blue, faded red, dark green and stuff like that. Don’t go neon! That’s not manly!

2. Large prints is a no go. Reason? It’s not just manly. So simple is just the way to go with just a few choice of colors from #1 – the muted colors. You don’t want to make a statement, you just want to look good and comfortable. You don’t want to look like a magazine giving out beauty tips for women in your printed shirt.

3. Choose clothes that you can wear in a slightly slimmer fit. Not too baggy, not too slim. Just something that’s in between lose and slim. You get the picture.

This is How Girls Want You to Dress | How to Dress Well & Men’s Fashion

So what should men shop for to include in their wardrobe?

  • Tops – Plain t-shirts and as I mentioned go for muted solid colors, choose patterns that are subtle. Well, checkered are common but acceptable.
  • Bottoms – If you go for jeans, that’s good. But you can also shop for khaki bottoms. Go for dark blue, gray, dark blue, or dark green.
  • Short pants are fine – Don’t go below the knees because that’s too long to qualify for shorts.
  • Shoes – canvas sneakers, they are casual enough to go with anything but they are also not so casual as running shoes. Go a little more with boots when you are looking to look stylish, casual – go for running shoes.
  • Jackets – go for a jacket that doesn’t go out of style. Don’t go choosing for a too bright color, well go muted as mentioned.

Given these ideas from women’s perspective, men will look better and more decent. Not saying that men are not decent. There are just a few men who doesn’t care about what they look and it annoys their girlfriends.

So dress up. Be presentable but not too presentable in suits and tie. Acceptable if you are working in an office that requires these kinds of outfit. You get what I mean.

Show up in your girlfriend’s door looking presentable. Bring out that handsome points that go hidden in unkept hair. Bring out that masculinity that’s hidden in baggy clothes. Show a presentable you and build up that confidence.

Besides, being presentable doesn’t just impress the girlfriend but attract more girlfriends. Just kiddin. So have fun with being fashionable and stylish. Not only women has the right to do so, men do have the right to be fashionable too.